Writer/Producer David Garber

For the past 25 years, David Garber has been serving as the show runner
and or writer on some of television’s biggest hits… Saved By The Bell, Power Rangers, 227, Bill Cosby Show and many other network series.

His writing and producing have also netted David two very prestigious awards:

Wanna know more? IMDb

Writer/Producer Lawrence Levy

Lawrence Levy is a Writers Guild Award winner and two time Emmy nominee who has written for such shows a SEINFELD, ROSEANNE, FAMILY TIES, SEVENTH HEAVEN and many more.

Writer/Producer John Tellegen

John’s work spans a decade and includes television, video games, toys, and commercials. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University, studied acting at the American Conservatory Theatre, and spent some time at Writer’s Boot Camp where he learned an important lesson:  Don’t tell a woman with a dagger tattooed on her arm that her idea sucks.

Writer/Producer Bill Braunstein

Bill Braunstein is a Los Angeles-based writer/producer who for the past two decades has worked on about 40 different shows in every television genre.

He’s written for sitcoms like “Mama’s Family” and “Empty Nest,” penned animated fare like “Pinky and the Brain” and “Rugrats,” and been a producer on reality shows like “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and “Blind Date.”

Prior to his television career, Braunstein was an award-winning journalist and magazine editor.

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